Exhibition Posters for La MaMa Galleria

Chris Tanner poster

Chris Tanner, “Glittering Monsters,” 2024
The background is a tiled arrangement of one of Tanner’s sparkling sculptures, and the typeface and text treatment respond to the exhibition title.

This and each of the following 30 x 20 inch posters was printed to serve as signage in front of the gallery.

The Family Show 2023 poster

“The Family Show,” 2023
My third poster for this annual La MaMa Galleria community exhibition. (See below!) Rainbow colors and little bit of trompe l’oeil.

Rafaella Braga poster

Rafaella Braga, “The Birds Told Me Your Lies,” 2023
The bird form is borrowed from one of Braga’s gestural paintings, and the script typeface is an homage to the looping handwritten words the artist used to cover one of the gallery’s walls.

Dan Hurlin Puppet Fest '23 Poster

Dan Hurlin, “Motel,” 2023
This poster advertised a puppet-themed sculptural installation that was part of the larger biennial Puppet Festival at the gallery’s parent institution, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. My poster is based on a photo of Hurlin’s 1/2-scale model of a motel room that was the focus of this exhibition. The expressionist angles of the stylized motel room in the poster reflect the psychological uncertainty in the work.

Deborah Buck Poster

Deborah Buck, “Into the Wild: To Crash Is Divine,” 2023
This poster emphasizes the multiple, mysterious eyes in Buck’s semi-abstract painting.

Itziar Barrio Poster

Itziar Barrio, “and Dan and (when some small metal is spun),” 2023
My poster for Barrio’s exhibition uses an evocative still from the central video in the show; the fonts respond to her technological themes.

The Family Show 2023 poster

“The Family Show,” 2022
My poster for the 2021 “Family Show” used rainbow colors (see below!), but for 2022, I simplified it to primary colors.

Tura Oliveira Poster

Tura Oliveira, “What a Glory to Be so Euphoric and Weak,” 2022
The central red and blue double-figure comes from one of Oliveira’s artworks and is the basis for the rest of the printed poster.

Sarah Anderson Poster

Sarah Anderson, “To Fill a Gap/ Insert the Thing that Caused it ←” 2022
The typography echoes the artist’s neon sculptural elements.

The Family Show '21 big poster
The Family Show '21 small poster

“The Family Show,” 2021
This is an annual community exhibition for the friends and family of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Company. The gallery needed posters for two signs with different proportions.

Created in: Illustrator
For: print use